Meet the Team

Sasha Thorne, Programme Director

Nozipho Sasha Thorne started as Programme Director of boMake Rural Projects in January 2018. Having worked in community development through Fair Trade, and as a facilitator and stands manager for the Bushfire Festival, Sasha brings a creative edge and a wealth of experience to boMake.

Our Board of Directors

Yael Tidhar 

Yael TidharYael Uzan-Tidhar was the Programme Director of boMake from 2008 to 2012 and has served on our board since then. Yael is now Programme Director of Nhloso Likusasa Le’lichakazile (NLL), a local NGO that helps students after high school with their first career steps. Some of boMake’s School Fees Bursary Fund students participate in NLL’s programme.

Shelley Belohrad

Shelley BelohradShelley joined boMake Rural Projects in 2010 as Programme Coordinator and was Programme Director from 2013 to 2016. Her continued involvement as a board member is invaluable as she has a deep knowledge of boMake and its development over the years. 

Signhild Thorne

Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 7.33.18 PMSignhild is the Managing Director of Gone Rural Swaziland, boMake Rural Projects’ sister company.  Signhild has been part of the handcraft industry in Eswatini for 9 years. She provides business-related input on sustainability and financial strategy, as well as facilitating the donor support relationship between Gone Rural and boMake Rural Projects.

Armand Perry

Armand PerryArmand joined the boMake Rural Projects Board in 2015. He is a U.S. attorney, affiliated locally with T.R. Maseko Attorneys, Eswatini’s preeminent human rights law firm. Committed to improving the lives of all Swazis, Armand volunteers weekly as an instructor with Guitars for Swaziland and serves as Chair of the Board of Young Heroes in addition to his work on our board. Armand has lived in Eswatini since 2011.

Andrew Foose, J.D.

Andrew FooseAndy is a former business leader and, prior to that, Senior Trial Attorney in the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division. In addition to serving on the board, Andy is a part-time volunteer with boMake, focusing on strategy, resource mobilisation, helping with back-office policies and procedures, and supporting our WASH programmes as needed.