Informed, capable and active communities

 We are designed to learn throughout our lives, in many ways and at all ages. Formal education at the preschool, primary and secondary levels equips us with the basic tools to find employment and negotiate the adult world, with tertiary education increasing the chances for success for a fortunate few. However, it cannot cover all aspects of learning and informal education empowers people outside the classroom.

boMake Rural Projects assists children in Eswatini (Swaziland) to complete their high school education while informing and instructing people of all ages in informal settings. Eswatini has a literacy rate of 87.5% and nearly all children attend primary school but many don’t progress further, for various reasons. Our School Fees Bursary Fund addresses the biggest barrier, lack of funds for school fees, while we empower children to deal with social and educational factors in our Youth Empowerment Clubs.

A large proportion of adults in Eswatini were never able to complete their formal schooling. People in our communities make the most of informal opportunities to gain new skills and knowledge and we endeavour to offer such opportunities.