Formal Education

Resourceful and Employable Citizens through Enhanced Access to, and Success in, Formal Education

boMake Rural Projects supports children in formal education in two key ways:

  • The School Fees Bursary Fund provides bursaries for children in high school.
  • Preschools in four communities prepare children for primary school.

School Fees Bursary Fund

The boMake Rural Projects School Fees Bursary Fund (SFBF) has, since its inception, helped 200 children a year, on average, with contributions to their school fees.

We currently focus on secondary school students who are all relatives of Gone Rural weavers from 52 communities in the Hhohho, Manzini and Shiselweni regions.

Early Childhood Education

We trained 48 preschool teachers from our communities in early childhood care and education, three of whom now teach the children in preschools we have opened in four multipurpose community halls. A fourth teacher is now undergoing training.