Empowered Individuals Making Positive, Informed Decisions

We firmly believe that education does not stop outside the school door. Informal education projects ensure that learning continues at all ages and beyond the classroom.

Skills and TrainingInformal-education_community-library-training

We empower our community members with training in financial literacy and business and practical skills. Courses have covered subjects as diverse as running a community library, making reusable pads and the manufacture of fencing.

Youth Empowerment Clubs

Our Youth Empowerment Clubs support recipients of the School Fees Bursary Fund but are open to other students.

Peer Educators

Version 2Through our Safe Sisters project we trained 44 Gone Rural artisans to offer grief counselling, sexual and reproductive health advice and abuse counselling in their communities. In future, we hope to conduct refresher training for existing peer educators and recruit and train more.

Student Support

English lessonsWe offer after-school tuition in English for our SFBF beneficiaries in two schools. English is the language of instruction but a second language for most students, so these extra lessons will boost their academic performance.

We have supplied more than 150 SFBF girls with reusable sanitary pads so that periods are no longer a barrier to attending school.