Resilient communities with equitable and improved physical and mental health

boMake Rural Projects supports the health of rural women, families and communities through our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Health Services projects.

Wellbeing depends on physical, mental and social health. Safe water, adequate sanitation and good hygiene as well as access to medical services are critical to physical health. Unfortunately, more than a third of Eswatini’s population don’t have adequate sanitation or access to safe water and many live far from hospitals and clinics.

In addition, providing psychological support and counselling are necessary to an individual’s mental and social health since poverty and abuse is prevalent in the country. In Eswatini, 69% of Swazi citizens live below the national poverty line, with the majority of them living in rural communities. The country has high rates of gender-based violence, child abuse and marital abuse, caused by economic, cultural and social factors. These high levels of abuse result in mental health issues and further social troubles. Meanwhile the high death rate, with AIDS still the biggest killer, compounds soaring stress rates as family members deal with grief and anxiety. A large number of children are orphaned or vulnerable (lacking adequate care and protection). Grandmothers often care for several children and grandchildren.

Our health projects include drilling boreholes to improve access to safe water, free mobile homeopathy clinics and education and counselling by our peer educators related to gender-based violence and abuse.