Through boMake Rural Projects, more than 20,000 people have access to safe water and sanitation. Our WASH programme focuses on:

  • Installing and maintaining boreholes and pumps
  • Building ventilated, improved pit latrines (VIP latrines)
  • Providing training on good hygiene practices

Boreholes and Pumps

One of our hand pumps in action

boMake Rural Projects has drilled and installed 25 boreholes with hand pumps or solar pumps in six chiefdoms. The communities are involved from the start and help manage and maintain their pumps and boreholes.

VIP Latrines

The VIP latrines are installed in pairs

We have also installed 913 ventilated improved pit latrines (VIP latrines in the same communities, giving more than 9,000 people access to safe sanitation.  A VIP latrine has a long ventilation pipe to reduce odours and a screen at the pipe outlet to block insects.

Other WASH Initiatives

  • We train communities in hygiene and sanitation. Community members are involved in planning and carrying out projects.
  • Every multipurpose community hall we build is equipped with a 5,000-litre water tank.
  • Our communities in Mpini have been using Hippo Rollers to carry their water home more easily.