boMake Rural Projects works in three key areas in rural communities: Education, Health and Sustainable Livelihoods.

Gender and leadership underpin all our projects. Women take the lead in identifying the needs of their communities and mobilize community members to work with our team.

 Our impact

Our work is made possible by the support and cooperation of donors and partners, with community members our most important partners. Although our work is by no means done, we are proud of the impact we have had so far:

  • School bursary fees for 200 students, on average, each year.
  • 44 peer educators trained to communicate and educate community members on different topics such as reproductive health and rights, gender-based violence and abuse counselling
  • Access to safe water for more than 3,000 community members
  • Improved sanitation for more than 900 households
  • 6 multipurpose community buildings for economic activities, libraries and preschools
    • 48 preschool teachers trained
  • 6 Youth Empowerment Clubs with up to 60 members per club
    • 12 youth mentors trained
  • 125 savings clubs, with 70% of members starting micro-enterprises with savings
  • Health services from mobile homeopathic health clinics for 4,000 people