Sustainable Livelihoods

Financially secure individuals, families and communities.

boMake Rural Projects seeks to equip women and their families and communities in Eswatini with the facilities, business skills and financial knowledge to create more income-generating opportunities and to increase their decision-making power.

Multipurpose Community Halls


Our community halls provide sheltered spaces where women and other community members can conduct business activities. Building them is a community affair, with Gone Rural artisans leading negotiations for land and the construction and management of the completed structure. boMake provides the basic materials and training – 522 women have been trained in brick-making so far.

Together, we have built seven community halls so far. The four newer buildings have a central hall flanked by two smaller rooms to house a preschool and a community library.

Financial Literacy, Business Skills and Practical Skills

Edlangeni fencing

We endeavour to drive social change for women, families and communities through economic empowerment , with training in financial literacy and small business management.

We continually support community members in their efforts to become financially secure, most recently with training courses on the manufacture of fencing and of reusable sanitary pads.